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The Lovers Still 59.jpg

640 Films presents

The Lovers

a film by parker keye eisen

available now

the story

The Lovers’ anti-hero. Deeply connected to her emotions she uses the Tarot to understand herself and relationships to the world. Once immersed in activism and in love with playing music, her life has been consumed by her work as a server.

The Lovers’ hot-headed socialist. Recently fired from his job as a dishwasher, Jon spends his day studying Marx’s Capital and searching for community as his relationship fragments before his eyes.

Jon and Louise met through mutual friends at a protest. Instantly attracted, they become fast lovers. In a summer where they only needed each other, life was blissful. They were a beautiful couple. An enviable one.

Louise, unable to meet her parents’ demands, was being forced to move out. While Jon, already sleeping on whoever’s couch will take him, also needed a place to stay. So the two lovers moved in together.

In their one-room apartment, life was hard but beautiful. With savings from living with her parents, Jon and Louise were able to live cheaply and only work part-time. Their landlord was a dick, and winter was cold, but they were happy.

With economic pressures building, Jon and Louise were forced to both start working  together at the same restaurant—Louise as a server and Jon as dishwasher. Jon became increasingly frustrated at work, blowing up at his manager and getting fired.

Jon, unemployed, spends his days studying Marx’s Capital trying to find community. Overworked and exploited, Louise begins cheating on Jon. Moments of solace take place between them, but emotional distance grows as Jon uncovers the affair.

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